Where would be in 10 or 20 years time?

When You Retired or Out of JOB

Are you ready to prepare yourself

Learning new skill

Successful people make the commitment to dedicate their spare time in the pursuit of learning, instead of vegging out in front of the television. And they stick to their promise of learning.

How to start a Business online

How to Start a Business Online. Find a need and fill it. Write copy that sells. Design and build an easy-to-use website. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.

Building Your own Customer List

Building your own customer list is most important because they know you better. They know you,  your products and services, and they’ve bought from you in the past. In a tough economic situation, it’s easy to promote your bear to them because they trust you. 

build customer relationship

Communicate. As a key to any good relationship, communication is an essential way to build customer relationships. Your customers expect great products or services from you.

Promote Your Service or product

When promoting your product or service business, your approach needs to be different from that of someone selling a product that can be bought on impulse. This means that there needs to be a low barrier to entry, where you get people to know more about you better that added value. 

The Best Experience Ever

A Marketing Sales Funnel is for businesses it's a pipeline that helps business owner
to track how their customer's behaviour and made their way to their website
to complete a purchase or specific task, like signing up for a newsletter
or membership. Let’s call this their “goal.” "It is the method in which a
company drives potential customers to their business or website."
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Are you ready to build a business online

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